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About TextForSuccess

TextForSuccess was developed by Real Estate Professionals for Real Estate Professionals. With a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by active agents, TextForSuccess aims to provide a valuable and affordable tool to enhance their success. By focusing on consistent and meaningful communication, the company empowers agents to stay connected with their clients in real time, offering them relevant and valuable information.


Kawasaki contacted the Sigma Solve team for creating a system that could be used internally to deliver the best service to their customers. Kawasaki wanted regular scheduling of the activities into the online software.
Database Management

Maintain regular contact with their database, resulting in missed opportunities and reduced client engagement.

Balancing Act Schedule

Agents have busy schedules with various tasks, leaving little time for prospecting and staying in touch with clients.

Revolutionizing Prospecting

Traditional prospecting methods are costly & yield unsatisfactory results, more efficient and affordable alternatives.


Sigma Solve Approach

Sigma Solve implemented a robust text messaging system that allows for personalized and targeted communication, ensuring clients receive relevant information on time.

TextForSuccess provides agents with real-time notifications, allowing them to stay updated on client interactions and respond promptly. The system also collects responsive feedback, enabling agents to tailor their approach and improve their marketing strategies.

Sigma Solve incorporated reporting features within TextForSuccess, allowing agents to track their progress and obtain valuable insights on client engagement. These statistics enable agents to make informed decisions and refine their marketing efforts for business growth.


Build and fully implement an optimized online store

TextForSuccess transformed real estate marketing by providing agents with a fully automated tool. Agents can set up personalized messaging and let the system run, saving time and effort while maintaining consistent client communication.
Benefit from a low-cost solution
Lead generation mechanism
Up-to-date real estate information

Tools & Frameworks We Use

These tools and frameworks allow us to create robust and customized Shift4Shop solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. We utilize a range of tools and frameworks to create powerful Shift4Shop solutions. Some of the key tools and frameworks we use include
.Net Framework

Our Delivery Model

our success dtories

Empowering Businesses Through Digital Solutions

Sigma Solve’s unwavering commitment to delivering innovative solutions brought forth a remarkable success story. Their collaboration with a global client led to a transformative digital transformation journey. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and industry expertise, Sigma Solve helped the client achieve unprecedented growth and operational efficiency. The implementation of a robust e-commerce platform, coupled with personalized customer experiences, resulted in a substantial increase in online sales and customer engagement.

With Sigma Solve’s tailored solutions and unwavering support, the client conquered market challenges, expanded their reach, and emerged as a true industry leader. This success story stands as a testament to Sigma Solve’s dedication to driving business success through digital excellence.

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